AFHESA 2022 Fellowship Recruitment

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Personal Details
Please note that Tekano Health Equity South Africa is only collecting your personal details for recruitment purposes. The information you provide to us will not be shared with any corporation and/or organisation if your application is not successful.
Please note, the Registration of Interest (ROI) is a screening process and only those who are successful will be given the opportunity to complete the fellowship application form.

Your Social Media Handles

Communication Preferences

History of Activism
The core purpose of the AFHESA Programme at Tekano is to drive health equity and tackle our country’s legacy of deep social and economic inequalities and barriers that prevent people from leading healthy and productive lives. Our commitment is engaging, developing and supporting a network of globally connected and skilled social change leaders and communities, driven by a deep sense of social justice and agency across sectors and disciplines to address the social, structural and commercial determinants of health in South Africa. The Fellowship is a professional development programme building leaders for social change.


Personal Details
Congratulations. You have made it to the AFHESA 2022 Cohort Application Form. The form can be saved to continue at a later stage. Please be aware that you have until the 16th of August 2021 to complete your application form.

AFHESA recognises that everyone deserves to make their own decisions over matters that affect their lives. This section asks you to identify if you have any individual needs to support you to participate in the Fellowship

Fellowship History

Please note: Though Tekano might not need the details at this stage of the application process, should your application be successful, Tekano will enquire about the circumstances around the charges. 

Reference Details

If you make it through to the shortlist you will be asked to provide the details of one professional/academic and one leadership/community referee.

Employed applicants' employers will be contacted, as such their details will be requested at a later stage in the application process

Your professional referee should be someone who can comment on your performance and experience in the workplace.  Your academic referee applies if you are currently or recently a student and should be able to comment on your performance and discipline as a student.
Your leadership/ community referee should be someone who can comment on your existing connections and demonstrated commitment to being involved in social justice work.


If you have any questions about this section, please review the Frequently Asked Questions on Tekano's website.

Commitment Statement

Please note the document you upload above must not be more than 2 pages long and must have the following headings on respectively: About Myself, My Change-Maker Role & My Expectations

 Note: the short video can be recorded via mobile phone, ipad or laptop and should be no longer than 2 minutes in duration. It does not have to be professionally produced.
Proposal for Social Change Initiative

Note: Should you make it through to the next round of the Tekano Fellowship recruitment process, we will ask further questions about your proposed social change initiative, though we are asking about your social change, Tekano Fellows are expected to work collectively in groups to conceptualise a collaborative social change initiative during the Yearlong Fellowship programme.